Jun 30, 2010

Inspiration: T.S. Abe

There aren't enough artists that draw with graphite professionally. The art above is done by the 20 year old British artist T.S. Abe. I like her work especially because It's realistic but yet you can see the pencil marks. I like when you can see that it is a drawing but still it's realistic. I also enjoy it when Abe tightens her work in the middle then let's go at the edges.

I did a graphite drawing yesterday of my friend. I took only a short amount of time to do mine so it isn't as detailed as Abe.

Medium: Graphite on Paper
Time Spent: 2hrs on and off.
Size: A4

To see more of her work (which I strongly recommend to check out) Click here.

Jun 28, 2010

Painting: Cochic13

Click to enlarge

Medium: Ink and Watercolour
Time Spent: I really don't remember. About an 1hr
Size: A4

I was inspired by the pic, so I decided to paint it. I think it was a success.

Jun 27, 2010

Painting: Girl with Plaid Shirt

Title:Girl with Plaid Shirt
Medium: Ink and Watercolour
Time Spent: 40mins
Size: A4

Jun 26, 2010

Painting: Mom and Pop's Smoke Shop

I got a painting gig a while back and that's what I've been working on and that's why I've been MIA. I had to re-vamp a sign for a smoke store. Here is what is being displayed at the moment.

The size is about 16ft by 2ft.
Here are the stages I took to paint my own.

I'll take a picture of it when it's up there. It was fun to do it. Hope I get more gigs like it.

Jun 6, 2010

Drawing: Sketch

I know it's been forever, I've had a lot of things happening, graduation and all. I found the little spare time I had to sketch this. Might colour it in. Not sure.

Title: B and M
Medium: Graphite and Ink on paper
Time Spent: 40mins -1hr
Size: A4