Sep 29, 2011

Miss Mo

I did this a while back for my cousin

If you'd like one done of you email me.

Sep 18, 2011


Mandala. Gouache on board.

I was showing some of my art pieces to my friend. She
came across this Mandala and loooved it.

To tell the truth I haven't thought much of it because
I did it for a colour theory class in college.
Basically I was forced to do it
and I didn't really consider it as an art piece to
put on the blog.

Since I got that reaction I said well maybe someone out there
will appreciate it as much as she did.

I did this freshman year(5-6 years ago). I do remember enjoying painting it. Plus, looking at the info/pics on Wikipedia it's making me want to try out painting another one.

Slight problem:
I don't exactly remember how to go on about making
a perfect circle. A pair of compasses? A bowl?

I can figure. :)

Sep 12, 2011

Green Eyes

I finally got the new Adobe Photoshop CS5.1
so far so good.

I drew this just to break into the software, check out any new tools.

John and Joe

John and Joe - StoryCorps 9/11 animation from Rauch Brothers on Vimeo.

Sep 10, 2011

Death by Helium

She killed him with a broken heart
and he will never forget
So he makes it a point to remind her...
...when she least expects

Face mask created by Modé
Photography by Toyosi Faridah Kekere-Ekun

Sep 8, 2011

Mask Collab

Acrylic paint.

My cousin asked me to do a collaboration with her. She asked me
to paint a mask for her. This is what I came up with. It actually took me longer than I expected. About 4 hours.

When she completes the photo shoot with the mask I'll put it up.

Sep 5, 2011

How to Suck at Anything

Written by Jonathan from the blog Illuminated Mind

I used to spend a lot of time worrying about being terrible at things. I thought I would make a fool of myself. I thought I would be embarrassed. More than anything, I thought I would fail.

The truth is, all of those things usually happened when I tried to do anything that I wanted to do.

I looked pretty ridiculous, I was embarrassed, and I failed. A lot.

When I first started this blog some of my writing was pretty scary. But that’s what happens when you start anything.

You suck.

And that’s great. Sucking is absolutely necessary. There’s no way around it. In order to get better at anything, at some point or another you’re going to have to suck. That’s just the way it is.

So, here’s the secret to sucking at anything.


There’s also a secret to never failing and never being criticized.

Don’t do anything. Ever.

The only way to avoid criticism, avoid looking like a fool and failing is to not do anything at all. And if that’s okay with you, fine. But I don’t see any point in living if that’s the case.

When it comes down to it, if you ever want to get good at anything, at some point you’re going to have to suck.

I’d rather be terribly horrible at everything that I do, than do nothing at all. At least that way I know that I tried. I’ll know that I lived and I didn’t just exist.

There’s a secret I’ve learned, though. If you embrace that you suck, it loses its power over you.

So, stop wasting time reading this. Go find something to suck at.

Leftover #2

This wood I'm working on is one of the leftovers I got from a
hardware store a few months ago.

The first leftover is the painting I just did.
I bought two different textures of wood. The first one was smooth and this one is rough so I'm uncertain what it would be like to paint on it.

Well we'll see how it goes.
Wish me luck.

Sep 1, 2011


Untitled. Oil on wood.

You can click and save the painting to make it your Desktop Wallpaper!