Jan 30, 2011

Bodé Green

22" x 28". Acrylic and Spray Paint

I've been wanting to paint this for a while.
Finally I've done it.Yes! The more I look at this painting the more I feel his alive. Like some sort of Zombie. lol.
This painting is part of the colour series. I think yellow or orange is next.

The Giveaway is still on! If you would like to have a chance of having my artwork click here.
(I'm excited to answer the questions, thanks for the support people!)

Bodé Green is available to buy (If you want it as a skin or iphone cases, let me know, I'll make it possible)

Hope you guys are having a great Sunday!

Jan 26, 2011


100 followers! plus many more via fb, twitter etc...thanks so much for the support.
I'd like to celebrate with a Giveaway!
I'll be giving away this original artwork (The one above)
It's done with watercolor and ink, it's 9" x 12" (A little bigger than the standard size of white plain paper)

All you have to do is ask a question you'd like answered about me [not too personal pls:)] , my artwork (So even if you don't win you get something out of it) or if not just leave a comment.
I'll do my best to answer all questions.

Leave all comments under this posting only. (Please comment once!)

I'll randomly pick one person using a random generator.
Giveaway starts now and ends Wednesday 2 February 2011 at 11:59pm (pacific standard time)

Thanks again... and Good luck!

Jan 23, 2011

Beautiful & Deadly

Beautiful & Deadly

Cubic Beautiful & Deadly


My friend and I went to the beach and I was taking pictures of Jellyfish. They are so beautiful.

An interesting fact about Jellyfish:
Jellyfish have existed for more than 650 million years and happen to be the oldest living creatures on the planet. They have existed before the dinosaurs and have survived longer than the dinosaurs.

Welcome Promise (beautiful name) and Evelyn (Book lovers should check out her blog)

Jan 20, 2011

Kiké Blue

Kiké Blue
12" x 18". Watercolor and Indian Ink

I prefer the pencil one but...
"It's all gooooood." - I think Jim said that from The Office. I've been
watching the seasons over and over again on netflix. It's driving me crazy. Should find something else to watch.lol.

This painting is now available in Art prints, Stretched Canvases, iPhone Skin and Cases

Welcome Lynn

Jan 19, 2011

American Guy

16" x 24" Oil and Spray Paint

I was actually freakin' out a little bit at the start of the painting
but I grew to love it.

Haven't painted a guy in a while.
I do enjoy painting guys but I just don't get a lot of inspiration. My favourite part of this painting is the jacket. It came out better than I expected. I like the impressionist look it has.
I came up with the name American Guy because of the blue, white and red spray paint I used
(without realizing it)

Helllooooo emi.l.k.c

Jan 18, 2011


Something new. To follow (if you care to)
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Hi Diva_Beaute and foxyboo15

Jan 15, 2011

Society6 & Envelop Stores

You can now get my artwork on...
Tote Bags

iPod/iPhone Cases and Skins
Laptop and iPad Skins
Pillows and Napkins

Click on one of the images above or click on
All products ship internationally.

Are you excited? I am.

Jan 14, 2011

D.I.Y Korédé Black

People have been commenting on the fact they wish that
they could paint. Here is a little start! I scanned in my sketch and all you have to do is paint it and make it your own. Fun!
Hopefully this may also inspire you to create one of your own artwork.

You will need:
1 Card stock paper
1 Watercolour paint set
1 Thin paint brush
1 Thick paint brush
1 Container full of water
1 Paint Palette
1 Black ink pen
1 White colour pencil
1 Intuition (paint how you feel)

Tips: Have the image in front of you as a reference and have a spare piece of scrap paper to test thickness of paint before applying it to artwork

Click to enlarge
Image Reference

Template (click to enlarge)
1.Print template on the Card Stock

2. Paint from light to dark. Start with a faint wash.

3. Go into darker tones.

4. Paint hair and lips.

5.Apply a light black wash to the outfit. And then apply darker wash
until you get the colour you want.

6. Use white colour pencil to make the designs on the outfit

7. Have fun with the background!

8. Once it's completely dry, go over the pencil lines with the black ink pen.
Important note: look at the reference every step of the way!

I hope that was a bit helpful and I hope you guys try it. Maybe when you are bored you can try it out. I'd loooove to see your work, if you get around doing it please send me a picture, I'll post in on the blog.

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Jan 1, 2011

We made it!

Happy, Happy, Happy New Years!!

Welcome Kowa and IBIBA LAWSON-JACK.