Jan 15, 2011

Society6 & Envelop Stores

You can now get my artwork on...
Tote Bags

iPod/iPhone Cases and Skins
Laptop and iPad Skins
Pillows and Napkins

Click on one of the images above or click on
All products ship internationally.

Are you excited? I am.


urbanchic4u said...

hi love your work.. do you do personalized t.shirts designs.?

Xay B. said...

Is this all on a personalized basis. Do you have to send you the stuff you want done?

martina said...

wow, that work is amazing!

Modé said...

@urbanchic4u you're the first person to request that, so it's something I'll definitely consider if I get more demand for it. But if it something you are really interested in e-mail me and I'll see what I can do. :)

@Xay B No it isn't on a personalized basis, my stores have general designs that anyone can buy, but if you do want something personalized email me and I'll let you know the options I have.

@martina, thanks!