Jan 14, 2011

D.I.Y Korédé Black

People have been commenting on the fact they wish that
they could paint. Here is a little start! I scanned in my sketch and all you have to do is paint it and make it your own. Fun!
Hopefully this may also inspire you to create one of your own artwork.

You will need:
1 Card stock paper
1 Watercolour paint set
1 Thin paint brush
1 Thick paint brush
1 Container full of water
1 Paint Palette
1 Black ink pen
1 White colour pencil
1 Intuition (paint how you feel)

Tips: Have the image in front of you as a reference and have a spare piece of scrap paper to test thickness of paint before applying it to artwork

Click to enlarge
Image Reference

Template (click to enlarge)
1.Print template on the Card Stock

2. Paint from light to dark. Start with a faint wash.

3. Go into darker tones.

4. Paint hair and lips.

5.Apply a light black wash to the outfit. And then apply darker wash
until you get the colour you want.

6. Use white colour pencil to make the designs on the outfit

7. Have fun with the background!

8. Once it's completely dry, go over the pencil lines with the black ink pen.
Important note: look at the reference every step of the way!

I hope that was a bit helpful and I hope you guys try it. Maybe when you are bored you can try it out. I'd loooove to see your work, if you get around doing it please send me a picture, I'll post in on the blog.

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Retromus-ik said...

I love it! I actually wish I mastered all the arts hehe, but singing and writing is all I can claim.

Milly said...

You are so talented. I wish I was skilled enough to follow the tutorial but alas drawing is not something I have mastered!