Jan 26, 2011


100 followers! plus many more via fb, twitter etc...thanks so much for the support.
I'd like to celebrate with a Giveaway!
I'll be giving away this original artwork (The one above)
It's done with watercolor and ink, it's 9" x 12" (A little bigger than the standard size of white plain paper)

All you have to do is ask a question you'd like answered about me [not too personal pls:)] , my artwork (So even if you don't win you get something out of it) or if not just leave a comment.
I'll do my best to answer all questions.

Leave all comments under this posting only. (Please comment once!)

I'll randomly pick one person using a random generator.
Giveaway starts now and ends Wednesday 2 February 2011 at 11:59pm (pacific standard time)

Thanks again... and Good luck!


Diva_Beaute said...

Have you ever been apart of an art gallery showcasing your work? If so, How was it? If not, would you ever!

Kayode Adegbola said...

Impressive art! This is my second time on your blog :) Question: when are you exhibiting your art?!

Omo said...

Which artist inspires you the most? And by artist, I'm being very broad. Could be music, fine art, crafts, painting etc.
P.S-I love you and your work!!

Xay B. said...

What are your aspirations at the moment? What are you trying to do next?

Anonymous said...

first of all,i'd like to see the face behind the art and my question is how do you get your work to look so natural and human...i like ur work...it looks urban,colourful and different...i cant quite describe it but i'm always impressed when i see your work...i like the way you draw lips too,they look very natural.

♥Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder♥ said...

I know you can create beautiful pieces from photos but I wonder is the process the same for live paintings? or would you say its more difficult?

silvia Navarro said...

love your style...is great!!!!
follow u now...
beautiful post

Anonymous said...

I think your work is brilliant and unique. Very tasteful and rich in culture!


Poupée-SuGah said...

Your art is really beautiful!! I love it! I have two questions : 1) How do you describe your art?
2) As an artist, what is your dream?

Stefani said...

Love your art!It's really amazing!

Michelle said...

I love your work!!
Ive wanted to ask this for a while, but now that the perfect opportunity has been presented... do you do personal portraits?

Veronica said...

I see on your blurb that you stop drawing for a few years. Why is that?

You're such an amazing talent!

IBIBA said...

I love your work, it's amazing! My question is when did you realise you were good at art and is drawing/painting your first and only job or do you do something else as well?
Keep it up, you're amazing!

nolifewhatsoev said...

One, your work is BEYOND amazing! Do you do custom work? I would love to be able to get some portraits made of my family and I think you have a real talent.

Anonymous said...

How did you manage to develop your own unique style?

(And why are you the way that you are? ;P)


Ag said...

When did you start producing your artwork? would you say it was a natural talent and/or something you enhanced by taking classes?