Mar 26, 2012


Random I know.
Don't ask me why I drew a girl on a toilet seat. :P
This is the second time I'm doing this.
Hmmm. Questionable? Maybe.;)

Pata is the Nigerian slang for Undies.
You learn something new everyday huh?

Take care.

Mar 13, 2012

Yellow Girl

Acyrlic and Spray Paint on Canvas.30" x 40".

Mar 10, 2012


Watercolour, Pastel and Indian Ink on Paper.
23" x 16.5"

I squeezed in the little time I had to finish up the
painting before next week.

Hope you like!

Mar 7, 2012


Sorry I've not been posting much lately been really busy.
I'm going to do my best to resume regular posting next week.
I just wanted to post a little something at least.

Got a iPhone case of my art. Pretty cool huh?

Saw this quote on a board.

Working on a piece.