Mar 26, 2012


Random I know.
Don't ask me why I drew a girl on a toilet seat. :P
This is the second time I'm doing this.
Hmmm. Questionable? Maybe.;)

Pata is the Nigerian slang for Undies.
You learn something new everyday huh?

Take care.


τreciä said...

talented! yeah indeed i learned something new!

karo akpokiere said...


Would be great to know why you drew it though. put some words together just for fun.

I couldn't help but think of how some artists would try to articulate why they do toilet seat drawings:

The drawing of people seated on toilet seats fascinate me because they help put the light on the primal need that humans have for self-preservation and privacy.

The drawings represent the unique mix of helplessness relieve, comfort, confidence and sometimes confusion that solitude offers to us and as such, are undeniably reflective of the human condition.

Toilet seat drawings show a profound connection between the outer world that our emotions have to live in and the inner world in which they are formed.

They represent the conflict between the thought process behind our emotions and the production of same.

Toilet seat drawings occupy special place in my heart as they serve as connectors between the present and past. Whenever I make toilet seat drawings, I am immediately transported to a glorious past where many words and images were framed from seeing the numerous folds on my pata .......


Clearly I have a bit of time on my hands.

QuaLity said...

Karo is uncensored in his/her analysis...yet completely profound!

Modé said...

@Trecia Thanks, I'm glad you learned something

@Karo the best comment ever!! so funny and insightful... hehehe

@QuaLity tell me about it.