May 24, 2012


Going to be attending this Sunday.
Watch out for me.
I'm nervous. Wish me luck.

May 18, 2012

Old Portrait

Self-Portrait. Charcoal. 2010.

I did this in 2010 for a class. I thought I had posted it on
the blog. Whoops.

I struggle with charcoal so I was really proud of myself when I did this

May 11, 2012

iPad Skins Ad + Photo Shoot Video

I know I've been sparse with posts but it's because of... this!
I've been pretty stressed out lately but it's cool.

So I present to you 
my art on your iPads!
Very soon(about a week) they will be available on
Blackberries and Mac Laptops.

By the way I've opened a new Facebook page.
 I'm going to delete the old one so if you've been following
me please like this new page.

While I was doing the photo shoot  I
asked my brother to film it. Below is the photo shoot video.
I had so much fun with my cousins. (You can tell by how much
I was laughing!)
Camera Man: My bro
Edit: Me
 Special thanks to: Bro, Koye, Miss Mo, Simi, & Toyosi.

Photography: Me

Below are some of my favs from the shoot.

Don't they look too cool?

Stock Lists
Designs Current and upcoming

Have a great weekend peops!

May 2, 2012

The Red-Marked Clan

 Watercolour. 23" x 17".
Sorry guys. Haven't done a painting in a while. Finally
had the time to get this done.

I didn't like the painting at first. There was something missing.
I added the red marks on their cheeks and it was a wrap.
They look bad-ass. 

The lady in the middle was inspired by this picture of Marilyn Monroe.

Have any of you guys watched My Week With Marilyn?
I think Michelle Williams did a pretty good job. I still don't think
she was absolutely perfect for the role because at certain points of the movie 
I believed she was Marilyn and then sometimes I saw Michelle W. 
It's not that she didn't act well it was just 'cause I know the actress.
 I would have preferred someone unknown.

I still enjoyed the movie though.  Go watch it.

Are any of you guys movie freaks? 
I love movies.