May 2, 2012

The Red-Marked Clan

 Watercolour. 23" x 17".
Sorry guys. Haven't done a painting in a while. Finally
had the time to get this done.

I didn't like the painting at first. There was something missing.
I added the red marks on their cheeks and it was a wrap.
They look bad-ass. 

The lady in the middle was inspired by this picture of Marilyn Monroe.

Have any of you guys watched My Week With Marilyn?
I think Michelle Williams did a pretty good job. I still don't think
she was absolutely perfect for the role because at certain points of the movie 
I believed she was Marilyn and then sometimes I saw Michelle W. 
It's not that she didn't act well it was just 'cause I know the actress.
 I would have preferred someone unknown.

I still enjoyed the movie though.  Go watch it.

Are any of you guys movie freaks? 
I love movies. 


Ms. G said...

I love the way you depict women. They are strong, confident, beautiful & nude. So much comes through in your paintings. I wish I has several prints. I am a movie freak also

Sundayonline2 said...

Nice work, it has alot of message> keep it up.

Muse Origins said...

I love these!!!

Muse Origins

Modé said...

@ms. G.
Thanks. I'm really glad my painting articulates that.

@sundayonline2 and @ Muse Origins
Thank you!