Apr 25, 2012

Answering Questions

Eniola asks:
I have a question... I started drawing a lot more (as per fashion illustrations), I notice that I usually get the left side of the lip right but the right is ALWAYS off, it takes me at least 7-10 more attempts on such a small feature. Seeing that it's your specialty, any tips?  

Okay, my first advice is when you are drawing the lips do not draw them as the left and the right side.
Think of them as the top and bottom. I think that's the main problem and if you start thinking of it
in that way most of your problem is already solved. Now I'm going to explain how
I think of the lips and how I draw them. This how a teacher taught me.

Think of the basic shapes of the lips not  just the outside of them but inside
as well.

  The top has three basic shapes.

 And the bottom has two.

 Once you've gotten that, then draw your outline/ shading.

Then finally erase your basic shapes and there you have it.
  I know I went a "tad" bit overboard, but it was fun to illustrate.
 Hope I helped Eniola.

Onyxsta asks:
 I want to ask when you started drawing/painting and what you love most about art?

I started when I was a little girl about 6-7 years old. But I didn't continuously drawing and practicing
till I was about 17-18 years old. What I love most about art is that strong feeling, that connection
I have with someone else because we share the same emotion that artwork brings.

Eve asks:
I happen to not get it would you still paint a portrait of me? lol! 

 Lol. I really wish I could. ;)

I absolutely loved reading about you guys!

 It was so funny and I had smiles each time I read about a random thing about yourselves. The most random one to me is Michelle's obsession with elephants. That's pretty cool too though. What interests me about elephants is their loyalty and family bonding to one another. I think it's beautiful.

Danielle I looked through your work and it's interesting how you capture this innocence of your subject. I  too hope we get to work with each other some day.

Okay since you guys shared something random I'm gonna share mine...
I don't like plain bar chocolate but I like chocolate cake.
Weird right?

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Ire Aderinokun said...

OMG you don't like chocolate you're so weird! :P