Sep 30, 2012

Carry my Heart. It's too Heavy for Me.

I don't think there's much explanation to this piece. It's pretty literal. 
Or maybe I'm too embarrassed to explain. Take it as you like. 

 Lately,  I had the opportunity to speak to someone that really critiqued my work. 
One of the the things he suggested was combining all my skills together.
It was kind of a light bulb moment. It's something I've thought of before but never 
really clicked until he said it. 
So in this piece I combined my painting with my poetry. 

I added some of my Yoruba culture into the piece as well. The skirt
is Adire (Tie & Dye) and I translated the title of the piece into the language.

I'd like to share one of the poems I wrote on this piece.
Here it is:

The Butterfly Effect

I hate the feeling of
butterflies in my tummy

My heart thumping, thinking
imagining a relationship with
someone new

My emotions are lies at the
beginning and later on

tell the truth

It’s painful

I tell myself that these emotions

are lies

But the heart wants what it wants

It never believes me until

We experience the flaws of the 
the pain of breaking my heart or
his even though we were never
in love

It still hurts even if


And it all started because of the
butterflies in my tummy

Sep 14, 2012


Watercolour on paper. 12 x16 inches.