Sep 18, 2011


Mandala. Gouache on board.

I was showing some of my art pieces to my friend. She
came across this Mandala and loooved it.

To tell the truth I haven't thought much of it because
I did it for a colour theory class in college.
Basically I was forced to do it
and I didn't really consider it as an art piece to
put on the blog.

Since I got that reaction I said well maybe someone out there
will appreciate it as much as she did.

I did this freshman year(5-6 years ago). I do remember enjoying painting it. Plus, looking at the info/pics on Wikipedia it's making me want to try out painting another one.

Slight problem:
I don't exactly remember how to go on about making
a perfect circle. A pair of compasses? A bowl?

I can figure. :)