Dec 9, 2009

Photography: Finals

This was done inside. Very slow shutter speed. In pitch black and used Flash to capture the two images.
Same thing. No photoshop! All done in camera.

This was a done at night outside. A Fast Shutter Speed. Camera was hand held, Full Zoom, out of focus.

This was a done at night outside as well. A Slow Shutter Speed. Camera was hand held, and twisted as the shutter opened.

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Omonye said...

wow Mode..great work thus far!!! Im very proud of u...I taught u well;)

Modé said...

haha very funny, ati you taught me well. lol

Miss Jenkins said...

These pictures are fly! I just bought my first SLR (Nikon D3000), so I am trying to learn as I go. Hopefully I can figure out how to use these techniques.

Modé said...

Thanks Jenkins. That's the camera I have as well. If you have questions on some techniques I'll be glad to answer them. Good luck!

Xay B. said...

I'm on the Canon side. cool stuff tho