Aug 11, 2010

I wasn't good at a point

A lot of people think artists are just born being good at art. Wrong. I'm living proof of that. I wasn't good at painting or drawing 5 years ago. I got a C in art in IGCSE (which kinda sucks) I got a 5 in IB (Grade 11-12 equivalent) that's out of 7 which isn't too bad but I was one of the hardest working art students in the grade and I still got a 5. I was never the best at art. I was mediocre but so freaken hardworking. Even in Art College I wasn't one of the good ones, I was the one that was almost there but not quite there yet. I was the hardworking student but not as much talent. And now I still wouldn't consider myself the best but I feel more confident about my artwork. I think I've grown tremendously and not only am I good I also have a unique voice. So if anyone loves art and would like to delve in it you can, it's a lot of practise and hard work. It's hardly talent. These are 10 ways to achieve great artistic skill.
  1. Believe in yourself - Okay I know this sounds cheesy but it's the basics of anything you do. You have to believe you can achieve it, if you don't then you won't get there. Do you think Michelangelo would be the great artist he was if he didn't believe in himself. Do you think Obama would be president if he didn't believe he could do it?
  2. Draw a actually more than that - You have to practise, this isn't something you read/study for and take an exam. You are developing a skill so it takes years to gain but on the upside it lasts forever. Try drawing 3hrs a day for 8- 12 weeks and see how much you improve.
  3. Draw from life not from pictures - You are trying to train your eyes to take 3d and replicate it on a flat plane. Pictures are already flat so you don't get the training. Plus the lighting in pictures most of the time are soft. You want hard and soft lighting.
  4. Hang out with fellow artists - This is really important for people that need that motivation. (I would have loved to have someone to go to workshops with but my friends weren't up to it) Friends will push you and you will push them when either of you guys are too lazy.
  5. Draw with your arm and not your wrist -You get more range moving your arm than just your wrist.
  6. Study the great artists - Copy their artwork, it's a way of picking their brain. Be careful not make their style be your style only study them. You should find your own voice.
  7. Go to art galleries - Trust me, this works. Observing art over and over again triggers something in your brain, it almost like your practising art and helps you improve. So looking at art and studying the brush strokes and line marks artist make helps the brain repeat and it's learning how to do things. I know it sounds bizarre but I truly think it works because it happened to me with painting. Plus, going to galleries is incredibly inspiring.
  8. Use ink pens - It's works wonders, you'll make a ton of mistakes but improve faster. When using ink pens don't be afraid of making mistakes. Mistakes make you better.
  9. Don't toss out your mistakes - If you toss out your mistake you are probably going to forget you made that mistake and make the same mistake again. Keep the good with the bad, it will show your growth and when you look back and see how much you have improved it's only going to motivate you even more.
  10. Have fun!

I'll be posting up before and after pictures of my drawings when I move back home, most of my sucky artwork is in Nigeria.

Do you think there's more to add in this list or is there something in the list you disagree about? let me know.


Anonymous said...

Very inspiring! :D

karo akpokiere said...

Lovely post. The ten points are so true. There is more to success than having talent, I can relate to what you have written. In other news, I like the work you create.

Modé said...

Thanks Karo. Btw Love your Art.

Mymou said...

i definetly love this advices !!!