Sep 25, 2010

Screen Printing

Last night I took a Screen Printing class at Workshop Sf.
(why? just for the heck of it) The process was really interesting, with the photo emulsion,spreading the ink and all. I thought I wouldn't want to try screen printing after this class but when I saw the outcome of what I accomplished I felt this awe and excitement. Soooo I think I'll give it another shot. The top print was my best one, I made some mistakes.
Here they are below...

First Try: This was done on an envelope.

Second Try: Screen Printing on Jeans

Third Try: Screen Printing on Canvas

Fourth Try: Screen Printing on Canvas( You would think this was
my first. I got a little too confident.)

The image I used to screen print was my painting.
I got tons of compliments. :)


Anonymous said...

This is so cool! I like the first one best :D

ABIGAIL NY said...

I love then all, the one on the canvas looks very amazing!
Found you blog linked to voguish blog, I'm not sure if you sisters if you are your very talented
Anyway I'm following your blog, I'm an art lover and a big fan of illustrations. Never got one done of me, but I love looking at the original persons picture and the illustration to see the persons style, which interests me :)

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Ciara said...

ahhh... girl after my own heart... love printmaking... esp woodcuts, linocuts, and screenprinting... glad you took some time to learn the process... it's tedious but you get rewarding results... :)