Nov 23, 2011

Island Maternity Hospital

I accompanied my cousin to one of the state hospitals in Lagos.
She is conducting a research of the overall functionality of
hospitals in the state.

That day we got to visit the maternity ward.
While she was interviewing the staff I got out my pencil
and drew some of them. I had no more than 5 minutes to capture them.

Below are things some of the nurses said that stood out to me.
These aren't for verbatim.

"I allow my children to pursue anything they want. My daughter at first wanted to study medicine but she changed her mind. I allowed her."

"All the immunizations are free, all you need to do is
bring your child."

"I went to LUTH hospital and I saw they were using all these equipments
I had never seen before. I was ashamed to ask because I had already introduced myself as a nurse. We need those equipments in our hospital."

-On being asked what are the problems you are struggling with.

"We have Social Welfare Officers
for people who lose their babies."
This man took us around the hospital. He was so passionate about everything and everyone. It was kind of funny.
He would say things like "God bless you! God will surely bless you!" , "You are a very smart woman!", "She asks veerrry intelligent questions!"
As you can see I didn't get enough time to draw him.

What I learned from this experience is that Nigerian women are strong and empowering. Also our hospitals are heavily understaffed.


Adiya said...

Seriously! I'm so jealous that you can do this! *sigh*

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karo akpokiere said...

Impressive work!

Modé said...

@Adiya ;) thank you. you can do it too, with practice. :)

@Karo thanks Karo!

Mahesh MSA said...

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