Aug 20, 2012

The Beautiful Ones are Not Yet Born


Recently, I haven't had much time create my own personal art. I've been
working on freelance work. I started to feel frustrated so I made time to paint something
I wanted to actually paint.
It felt good.

The progress below.

On another note, I got to purchase an art piece by Karo Akpokiere
I love his art. It inspires me.
You guys should check his site out.

The art I bought is called Lust. What drew me to buying this particular art
was the idea about it.

Check out what the ideology behind this artwork
here (Just scroll down till you get to the art piece)


Xay B. said...

Nice work!

Modé said...

@xay B. Thanks! hows everything been? Hope work is good.

Morgan said...

your work is absolutely stunning.

Modé said...

Thanks Morgan!