Oct 28, 2012

Ignore me

Ignore me. Watercolour on paper.

Ignore me

Ignore my cries
Ignore the tears that rain down these soft subtle cheeks 
They rain like the dull season
They drop as if they are heavy
As if they are burdened with real worries
Useful, meaningful worries

Ignore my smiles and laughters'
The happiness I stab with a pain
So my weightless tears would continue to fall
I’m just blood thirsty
The greed of my heart eagers for sorrow or loss
Loss and sorrow

Don’t listen to my Bleeding Heart

I wrote this mid 2007.
I'm not a fan of explaining my own poetry partly because most of the time
it doesn't need much explanation. But I think this one does so I'll elaborate on it. 
It's about the pain of the unhappiness I feel at times in my life. I think a lot of 
the pain I go through is self-inflicted and meaningless so I'm basically saying ignore it. Ignore me.
It's not important. At least it's not as important as most peoples' problems.

"They rain like the dull season"  I cry a lot. Tears come down so much like the rainy season.
"So my weightless tears would continue to fall" The tears are so light. They don't have enough real pain to be worth something, to be heavy. (The tears in the painting above are floating)

Take care.

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Ginikachi Eloka said...

Is this available as a wall painting? There are a couple of your paintings i'd really love to have up on my wall.