Mar 9, 2010

Writing: You are the Author

Rating: Suitable for all readers
Word Count: 363
Genre: Fiction

You are the author. You control the story. You are so much in control because you know the beginning, middle and end. And it’s about you, your journey to this point you are at right now. I didn’t tell you did I, but you are a well-known author. People stand in lines to buy your new book. People sleep out the bookstore waiting for you to sign their books. You are invincible. You are The Author.

You don’t like being disturbed when you are in this room. Even if you aren’t on your typewriter you still hate people knocking at this particular door. It secludes you from the rest of the world. You like that feeling of loneliness. You embody it. You especially enjoy the fact you can light up the cigar and watch the sun rise or sun set through the three four feet windows that lay across the wall. This sets your mind at ease. It allows you to think. It inspires you to write.

Now you are inspired. You hesitate. Even though you’ve done this twelve times this one’s different. This story is based on your life, your experiences. It’s pretty much an autobiography but you don’t tell anyone that. You don’t want to appear narcissistic. You call the main character London because it’s your middle name.

This is harder than you thought. You should have known better. Good writing is never easy. There are going to be some joyous moments but then again... your mother’s suicide, your fathers struggle to take care of you and your four brothers. You are uncertain if you can take upon this task. Maybe this isn’t the right time to write this.

You place your hands on the typewriter. The paper is already on the roll. Take a deep breath. Let it out. Writing is always struggle people have gone through.You need to share your experiences. You can definitely write this. Once you’ve gotten it out on the page you feel so much better. Remember, you are the author most writers want to be. This fear urges you more to write. You like it. You want to confront those dark times. You are ready.


A few months ago, I was 'happily' forced to write this for class. We were reading a book by Italo Calvino called if on a winter's night a traveler (did not enjoy that book one bit) but it made me write this. At least some good came out of it.

I've never really enjoyed writing in 2d person narrative, but this was an interesting take on things. I'd like to ask how it made you feel? I read this and it draws me into the character, I start to believe I am the writer in that situation. Do you feel the same way too?

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