Apr 20, 2011

Dream it, Do it.

I got questions about the previous post, asking if I designed it, which I didn't. Sooooo I thought maybe I'll give it a shot.
What do you guys think?

Thanks Xay B and Abigail for planting the idea in my head! Also check out Xay B feature on the website http://www.iamthenublack.com . He's an awesome photographer.


The Corner Shop said...

Nice!! You do well!


Xay B. said...

Thx for the shoutOWT

I like it. You should try doing more of these. Have you ever seen the Motivational Pictures or those secret posts ppl send into the site with their anonymous feelings.

I def. think your artistic style could convey that type of representation very well. That's not even a question.

Modé said...

Thank you!

@Xay I haven't seen the motivational pictures you talk about. That sounds interesting. I've been racking my brain trying to find new ways express myself more with my art, maybe this could be a way. I'll look into it. :)