Apr 19, 2011



Xay B. said...

Did you make this one? I like it.

Abigail said...

Same question as Xay B. and I'm loving that quote!


Modé said...

Thanks but I didn't make it. You guys just gave me an idea! Maybe I should try making one.

@XayB I saw a feature about you on www.iamthenublack.com. It was awesome! I like requiem of a dream as well although whenever I watch it I get depressed.

I also think despite the stupid things he does Kanye is really good at what he does.:)

From Broadway said...

that quote's so true!

Xay B. said...

What's up! I'm just now seeing this because I haven't been able to be check up cuz of what happened down here in Tuscaloosa a little while back.

Thanks for checking out the feature though!

Talent recognizes talent lol