Jun 10, 2011

I'm not what you think

12" x 18". Watercolour,Indian ink, graphite pencil on paper.

Experiment: Incorporating words in my pieces, to give
it more of a direction.

Result: Not too shabby...

Have a great weekend!


The Corner Shop said...

It's too shabby AT ALL!! Yeah, the words give us an insight into what you're thinking :D


ashley ja'nae said...

Man, this is fantastic. the colors are brilliant and the composition is fantastic. The words flow nicely since you used an appropriate line weight for them. so it's all balanced.
simply put, nice work

Nicole Alicia said...

Very beautiful! I love this! You're defintly talented! I love your blog!

-Nicole Alicia

Modé said...

@The Corner Shop - Thank you. I'm gonna try to add more words to my work.

@ashley ja'nae - Thank you!!! I love your description! Your words are inspiring.

@Nicole Alicia - Thank you. I really like your blog. I'm gonna be checking in from time to time. :)

Anonymous said...

nice work sista.

Victoria said...

LOVE the colours and the writing, looks really cool :)