Jun 2, 2011

My Other Half

My Other Half. Acrylic on board.2005

I'm home(Nigeria) for a bit and I've been looking through my
old artwork. This is one of the good ones.(I'll post the bad ones later, just have to get a scanner)

So this one is portrait of me. At a point I was really into symbolism art and I did quite a few.(I'll post some of these too, that's if I'm not to lazy)

This painting was about the search for my other half. I was questioning
which guy would "complete" me (Sounds so cheesy, lol)

I split my face in half which signifies I'm not complete. The left half shows a black silhouette and this means that he could be anybody. The question mark means that I'm asking who is he? where is he? The right half shows me. The background is full of hearts and this means I'm thinking about love. That's basically the gist of the painting.

I painted this 6 years ago. Wow, how time flies.

Hope everyone's having a good week.


Precious said...

I really love this drawing and the meaning behind it! Lovely job :)


Brandon said...