Dec 1, 2011

My Books

-Click to enlarge-

I've recently been renovating my room, so piles of my books are
scattered around the floor. I took a picture and labelled them for kicks.

I'm interested to know from you guys,
what can you tell about me from my piles of


lil miss Sauniya' said...

oh wow.. i can tell you are definitly smart.. you are an artist (poetri, comics, art) you educate and take good care of yourself (journals, health and cooking)... freaking awesome!
oh and you might have a passion for books?!!.. :P :)

Modé said...

Yeah I love books! And I write a lot. Thanks for the insight. :)

Anonymous said...

Your a smart chic,Your disciplined,Your humble and you are inquisitive.Am so proud of Ur Parents becos you dont act like those silly rich Kids.