Dec 31, 2011

Thank you

Thank you everyone for being a part of my journey to God knows where.
Thank you for the lovely comments each time I post.
Thank you for the many e-mails I got telling me how much my art inspires them.
Thank you to the several people I've personally met that said they were a fan of my work.
Thank you to the bloggers that have featured me on their blogs/websites.
Thank you for the 400+ likes on facebook.
Thank you to the 170+ blog followers.
Thank you to the 70+ followers on Tweet tweet. :)
Thank you to the 10+ followers on Tumblr.

Thank you to the inconspicuous fans that I don't know about except when I check my stats. (I'm watching you)

Thank you for making my year great.

I hope you guys have a fantastic new year.
I don't believe in New Years resolutions, I believe in the present moment, the "Now" moment. If you want to do anything, do it now. Don't wait till tomorrow don't wait till next year. Waiting till a new year shouldn't be the reason to start "a fresh".
That's my little rant.

Take care,
see you next year.


DIDI said...

Thank You For Sharing Your Works & Life with us is my twitter handle @itsDiDi & my tumblr is would be awesome to stalk you everywhere..Once again,Thanks for Sharing. Happy New Year..

Anonymous said...

You're welcome :)

lil miss Sauniya' said...

really agree with the resolution statement.
Thank you for sharing your art. its really inspiring :)

Shakemia Meekyleia said...

Thanks for sharing your warmth and humble being with each post. Your art is inspiring and I believe in living in the moment and taking charge of anything you want now rather than make resolutions. <3

Muse Origins said...

So glad i met you. Thank you for sharing your work :D

Muse Origins

Modé said...

You guys are awesome. :)