Jan 5, 2012

Falomo Shopping Centre

So my uncle gave us(family&friends) a lecture about
the world economy the other day. When we took a lunch break
instead of going to grab some food I opted out to take photos.

I want to take these same pictures but at night.
I think it would look so cool.

General things I learnt from the lecture:

USA's economy aren't doing well, if I recall clearly they are about 100% in deficit but being the largest economy in the world (25% of the worlds wealth)there is confidence America will get through these harsh times.

Eurozone (I think we all know about these ones) are even in deeper ****
Not so optimistic about these countries but we'll see. Things are in the works we just need time to see if it they actually work.

BRIC (Brazil,Russia,India and China) Although they are doing very well they are overheating.

Nigeria has structure but it's really unstable. The economy is okay-ish if that makes any sense. On paper it's alright but in reality... sigh

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Stella Kodi said...

I love the photos...no lagos chaos...lol