Jun 9, 2012

Doing what you love

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Anonymous asked: How did you get started doing what you love?

At risk of sounding ridiculous…I just started doing it.

As far as design is concerned, I’ve been making up pictures, stories, and worlds as long as I can remember. I messed around with Photoshop a lot as a teen, making mixed CD covers and over-designed myspace profiles. Eventually, people started to offer me work. I went to school to really hone my craft. I knew the second I saw the design school at the Academy that it was where I was meant to be.

For all the other various things I love, I just went out and started to play with them. I wanted to style photoshoots so I gathered my friends and some thrift store props and went gallivanting around my hometown with my sister and our cameras. I took my Nikon and my polaroid everywhere I went for 2 straight years. I loved event planning so I started throwing parties. I wanted to make jewelry and accessories so I bought supplies and gave myself glue-gun burns. I wanted to travel so I became an international volunteer. I wanted to share my thoughts and endeavors so I started a blog. Just go out there and do it.

You don’t need to wait for permission, and you’ll need practice at anything you want to do. Read and view everything on the subjects you love: I am an insatiable consumer of art and design and a billion other passions I never seem to have enough time for. And don’t take yourself too seriously…give yourself room to grow and fail and experiment. You’ll be better for it.

Though terribly blessed, I’m not rich and have mostly scraped together all of the things that I do on a shoestring. Sometimes I spend more than I should (see: 3 foot balloons for tomorrow). But I can’t imagine not doing them. I want to create a beautiful life. Just work hard, learn as much as you can, and go for it. Learn how to do things creatively, stretch your resources, do your homework on free things available to you. Don’t wait until you have the perfect funding, a perfect resume, or boatloads of time. Just start now.

I’m nowhere near close to where I want to be, and I’m certain I’m not finished. I hope I am still “starting” to do what I love. Thanks for asking!

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